My case was one "bad deal with a vehicle" and dealership", now i was stuck with major bills and pending work in that vehicle. I thought it was a lost.! After consulting and researching, this firm took the bull down from its horns, and justice was close, they fought hard for my case to be a success.. THANK YOU EVERYONE IN THE FIRM..and THANK YOU FANNY Alvarez For your dedication, case follow-up status, and patience. 5+ stars

By: Edenilson - over 3 years

Hi my name is "Victoria O'Ferral" and I am pleased to leave feedback. I want to say that my experience with Consumer Action Law Group was great. I will always use their business. My experience with ' Consumer Action Law Group' gave me hope, and the workers as well as the Attorneys showed their very experienced in their field and they care. Thank you! Consumer Action Law Group.

By: victoria - over 4 years

look good and organised they have lawyers for every single legal matter their staff is cool too very oriented and detail

By: Moises - over 4 years

I commissioned Pauliana to help me with a GM problem. I feel very confident in her hands. Thanks for being there

By: Anthony - over 4 years

I'm impressed so far! Immediate, knowledgeable service. Kind, sensitive to my panic, thorough. I wish I'd found you sooner.

By: Lisa - over 4 years

Your company is great . Everyone has been on has been dedicated contacting me with updates of my case an more I will be referring everyone that needs help

By: Winthrop - over 3 years

Happy that they are able to help me

By: Veronica - over 4 years

I haven't been able to get back to them yet because I am working and am sick. I will call them when I have my paperwork in hand proving that the dealership defrauded me.

By: Jessica - over 4 years

Thank you

By: Dareisha - over 4 years

This law firm is very professional A+ rating. I got the very raw end of a deal when i chose to finance a car from a bad dealer. I emailed them through the website and revived a response within 24hrs. I emailed lots of others firms that either took too long to answer or didn't even bother getting more details before refusing my case. They work quickly and are very detailed they did not leave a question unanswered so far so good I would highly recommend

By: Molly - about 5 years

Consumer law group has been very helpful, informative and sincere. They've eased me through this process.

By: Lisa - almost 5 years

Found my vehicle was a salvage car when I tried to trade it in and I wasn't aware of this and I purchased the car from a huge n car dealer JIM KERAS NISSAN AND IT HAS NO VALUE,a 2007 chrysler 300 is valued at1200 bucks and I owe about 10,000 grand still on the car

By: glen - about 6 years

The lawyer I spoke with was excellent, she answered all my questions, was very professional and I would highly recommend them based on my one experience.

By: Randy - about 6 years

I'm just beginning to work with Consumer Action Law Group and this is the first time since 2007 when I was given this horrible loan I feel someone is on my side. Fanny Alvarez & Farah Ballout are super courteous, helpful & most of all "communicative". Don't want to forget Luis..

By: Ms. Francis/Fran - over 5 years

Consumer Action Law Group handled my Bankruptcy and they were fantastic. All the way to the end they were very patient and understanding and did their utmost to see that I was fully taken care of. I would recommend them to all my friends

By: Kathryn - over 6 years

Very courteous and considerate I received a very fast and prompt response no time wasted I really appreciate the Help and I will do my part to make this a positive ,honest and hard working journey as we reach for a successful end much respect to. Gloria for getting me started very helpful and much respect to Fanny V for taking the time to just listen and give me Hope. Thanks again!!!!

By: Julian - over 4 years

I was terminated on March 19, 2015 for a policy that five other employees did and were not terminated, I am over the age of 40 and the five are not. I also know this was in retaliation to a firing I caused two years ago. I have filed paperwork with EEOC and have my right to sue request papers. The company is Southwest Airlines. I would like to know if you have someone who can handle this case pro bono. I have also been denied UI and appealed three times, I need help. I believe my 90 day expiry is in September 2015

By: Todra - about 6 years

I would like too say that all my experience with this company has been very positive and straight forward Gloria was really a Big help just getting me started And forwarding my case to be reviewed I really appreciate it. Much respect too. Fanny Alvarez for listening too my case and putting it into action thanks again for your Help much appreciated. God is Good!

By: Julian - over 4 years

Spoke with Nicole & then Pollyanna today and they were extremely helpful. Pollyanna was able to confirm that what a car dealer was trying to do appeared fraudulent and gave me advice in how to handle the situation.

By: Ken - about 6 years

Very helpful. Answered all my questions. Very honest.

By: Tracy - almost 6 years

The staff have been supportive and very informative throughout the entire process. So thankful for them!

By: Sabas - over 4 years

Great job Pauliana and Fanny. Appreciate your efforts and following through for settlement. I would not have purchased the RV had I known the engine was blown or that the extended warranty company would have denied the claim. At least now I can pay off the cost of the new engine. Thanks again

By: Gordon - about 5 years

Lauren Rode has been an exceptional help to me! I originally contacted Lauren because I was filing for bankruptcy. My case was complicated and involved many ever changing variables and Lauren was there to answer every question along the way. I would not hesitate in recommending Lauren to anyone. I intend to leave positive reviews on her and your firm on social media. Thank you very much for your guidance Lauren.

By: Venus - over 6 years

Fast and Efficient

By: Mary Ann - about 4 years

This law office was friendly yet efficient.

By: A - over 4 years

Excellent service, you talk to a person and not a voice mail. Polite, professional, always there for your needs and questions. Has to be the number one law group in southern California.

By: Lynette - about 5 years

I called for help on a tight situation I was and their information was what helped me decide on what to do. Thanks!

By: Esperanza - about 6 years

Of coarse I will give a review on my experience with C. A. L. G.. My case was recently approved by the firm. So I may not know just yet how great they are, I'm positive I will soon. This much I do know so far they have been very patient and very professional with care n concern. Thank you Fanny ur awesome. Sincerely S. Perez

By: Silvia - almost 5 years

Were able to answer all my questions over the phone and put my mind at ease... Will definately consider them in the future.

By: Tammie - over 4 years

You helped me resolve a problem with a used car dealership by advising me to give them the time they needed to fulfill their obligations, even though the time seemed excessive to me. All was resolved amicably.

By: Scott - over 4 years

Thank You Gloria and all the Great people working at Consumer Law,you guys we're awesome,thanks for all your help,

By: JOSE - almost 5 years

Illegally repo

By: tanisha - over 6 years

I am more than satisfied with this firm, has helped me step by step, I am glad to have Lauren Rode as my Attorney. Thank you.

By: Maria Dolores - almost 5 years

Thanks for being my voice,and helping reach a settlement. I really do appreciate it. Thanks fanny for always being my go to.also thanks to Pauline for making this happen.great job!!

By: Carla - over 3 years

most helpful & informative

By: Chris - about 4 years

So far so good its been 6 weeks since we started working on our case. The wait is sort of frustrating but I feel that they have the best interest & will fight for us. thank you

By: GLENN - over 6 years

We're just getting started so I'm happy & looking forward to our progress. Would appreciate communication with a case# & court date. So far my communication w/Fanny & Farah is going good & hope to hear more from them soon. Ms. Toliver

By: Ms Francis - over 5 years

I have to say how shocking it was to be able to contact them and get an immediate response. Everytime I called with a different question about my situation I was met with polite, patient and excellent advice. After my situation became more crucial due to time I was able to walk in and get a free 30 min consult with an attorney which quickly summed up my options. Without a doubt I will return to consume action law group with any legal matters.

By: Anthony - over 6 years

Attorney Lauren Rode explains case in simple terms you can understand answers all of your questions, have a lot of patients made me feel very comfortable having a legal conversation. The entire staff is definitely on point, and efficient

By: Armando - over 6 years

I'm very happy whit your help is in my opinion a very trustly law firm thank you.

By: Jose - about 6 years

I can't thank you enough for giving me Attorney referral!! I am very grateful!

By: Irene - over 4 years

Thank you for being consistent.

By: Jewell - about 6 years

You guys have been amazing in this long journey trying to reach a settlement

By: Lovely - almost 6 years

I had signed an agreement with ADT, a home security and monitoring service. I had marked a particularly consumer-hostile paragraph making me liable for losses from lawsuits by a third party against ADT. I sent the contract to Consumer Action Law Group. They responded within a day, recommending that I not sign the contract. Since the contract was not completed until ADT installed the equipment, I called ADT and asked for a refund of my payment for installation. The contract was six legal-sized pages of small print, so there were no doubt other risky provisions. I feel I was saved from a potential "gotcha."

By: Richard - about 6 years

i was given advise very accurate ,pront and profecional !and i was not ask to joing a group or pay at front fee's ! thanks very much

By: giovana - over 6 years

I am so glad I found the Consumer Action Law Group to help me with my ordeal! They are fantastic!

By: Vicky - about 5 years

east ridge temp service , millennium staffing

By: pamela - over 4 years

Very professional and fast. However I'm still being harassed by pennymac loans. But I'm confidant they'll fix everthing. Great team. Keep up good work and a Thank you. Carl

By: Carl - about 6 years

Consumer Action Law Group has been a remarkable company delivering results quickly.

By: Steve - over 4 years

I bought a car couple month ago which is Nissan Altima my dealership agent told me that it was 2011, but I just found out that the car was manufacturer 01/2009 and he told me the car was a clean title and again I found out it rebuild title and have mismatch vin number. I wanted to know if I can sue my dealership for fraud ?

By: JACUES - over 5 years

I want to thank everyone at the firm for taking my case when no one else would. I am so thankful to the attorneys, the office staff and, most of all I want to thank Fanny Alvarez for being so helpful and answering all of my questions. Back in 2015, I purchase a car and it was lemon and I was taken advantage of. I was making payments on a car that I could not drive. This law firm settled my case and the money that I put into the car and my payments were reimbursed back to me. I was then able to purchase a brand new car. Fanny it's been a pleasure meeting you ,and thank you for always being there for me during the journey.

By: Vicenta(Vee) - over 3 years

I have never had to deal with a Lawyer my whole life and I am happy with this because from what I am seeing it can be a process. The lawyer that agreed to take my case is very personable and in the beginning she explained everything to me and anytime I had a questions she was quick to respond. I can appreciate this. As I stated earlier this is the first time I have ever had to deal with anything like this. I am not so pleased with her assistant and everytime I have had a question I felt as if I was bothering her. I feel as a customer there should be periodic updates and when a question is asked it doesn't take days to respond. Once the response is given I also feel that it should be done with care and this has unfortunately not been the case. My lawyer I would work with her again and I have recommended others to this firm because of her. I am anxious to see when my case will be complete.

By: Zantheia - about 4 years

Made a really bad choice of purchasing a faulty Vehicle from a dealership in Santa Ana. My brother contacted these nice group of people for me and were able to take my case immediately. Communicated through phone and email and received updates on my case. After much time and things looking bleak my case was settled and finally out of the mess I got myself in. Highly recommend their service to others.

By: Antonio - almost 6 years

It's bit early to give feedback since I haven't had much experience with the group. I can say that the experience that I have had has been pleasant and I am pleased thus far.

By: julia - about 5 years

Thanks for taking time out with question of my concern.

By: Rowena - over 5 years

I really liked how I was being treated by CALG, the experience has been awesome!

By: Reginald - about 5 years

Fanny is a consummate professional. I perceived genuine kindness and concern from her. She is an excellent listener and exhibited patience. She is your law firms true brand.

By: Gary - over 4 years

I'd recommend them to anybody. They took care of me and kept in touch by updating me on what's going on! Thank you Fanny!

By: Rodolfo - almost 4 years

Surplus money of deceased brother

By: Edward - almost 4 years

Surplus money of deceased brother

By: Edward - almost 4 years

I am extremely happy with the customer service of your staff, everyone is very helpful and grest at getting back to my emails. I am very satisfied with Lauren's assistance as wee, thank you.

By: Wendy - almost 6 years

I bought a car and I try to trade in at the dealer they told me it has a salvage tile and is worth nothing. I pay 19000$

By: Juan - over 4 years

Very satisfied with my consultation on my Appt. with Atty.Lauren Rode, considering her sevices. Thank you

By: Maria Dolores - about 5 years

Very good at following up. Every one I spoke to was knowledgeable and courteous.

By: Kristina - almost 5 years

Called to ask but for some advice and got a lot of help. Really appreciate it.

By: Eric - almost 5 years

Excellent service. En todo momento tuvimos el apoyo profesional de las personas que estubieron a cargo de mi caso y gracias especiales a la senorita Fany . Una firma de abogados altamente recomendada.

By: Mack - almost 5 years

Keep up the excellent work!

By: German - over 5 years


By: KISHOR - about 6 years

So far the staff is very nice with email response quick,however after a week since I first inquired I have yet to get an answer as to if my cases will pursued. Still waiting but should be contacted soon ?

By: Christine - almost 6 years

I was able to talk to your staff. He was very courteous, accommodating and helpful. I appreciate very much the advice and suggestions that were given and would certainly recommend to my significant others about the Consumer Action Law Group. Thank You So Much!

By: Eduardo - over 4 years

Veryhappy with the great support especially on a very short notice. Great communication and you all delivered as promised. Ways to go but very happy with my choice in picking your group.

By: Gale - over 4 years

Professional, Caring and Reliable

By: Carl - over 6 years

So far so good. I mean, I am in the early stage. Everyone so far, has been wonderful. Am in a confused state and my judgement may be impaired, especially having to another large sum of money to help. But I have been told good information. Thank You.

By: Beatriz - over 6 years

Jeffrey Wilens is currently representing me and although were just in the beginning of what may be a long journey, he has given full effort in looking out for my best interest. He has been very informative and keeps regular contact with me. I can say from my personal experience he is reliable. And I would definitely recommend your firm to anyone who asks! Thank you for everything you've done so far! I look forward to continuing business with you

By: Alexis - about 4 years

Very nice and prompt with response. It just wasn't the response I was hoping for.

By: Mary - about 6 years

i brought a used car its been 2 years still paying the interest. payments are not going down got the same balance two months straight they send me different amounts to pay. It took months for them to even send a monthly statement. A staff told me that they are charging me everyday for the car, did not get his name. As if I am renting the car.

By: lore - over 3 years

Very Highly recommend this law firm.

By: Bozena - over 3 years

Have been great to deal with. Has made the process so simple for us. Thank you for all your help!

By: Sabas - about 4 years

The attorney took the time to hear my issue and to give me a concise answer as it relates to real estate law in California. I really appreciated her time as well as the consultation.

By: CJ - almost 5 years

It was a great experience. All staffs are very kind and friendly especially Fanny and Lauren.

By: GeanaVattana - almost 5 years

Reliable and friendly

By: Sergio - almost 5 years

So, far experience has been good. Still in the early steps of filing the Chap. 13 BK, but am looking forward to it going smoothly.

By: Lisa - almost 5 years

The attorney listened to my claim and after consulting with her partners accepted my case. The matter was professionalky handled in a very timely way, something I found lacking in many lawyers and law firms I had contacted up to that point--many which did not even bother to follow up after the initial consultation. I feel blessed that I found CalGroup.

By: Raida - almost 6 years

great service this a service that takes down the bad heliping the good

By: kennethanial - over 4 years

Great service!!! Excellent customer service, but the best is their quick response to your inquiries.

By: Tina - over 4 years

I love the way the lawyer's and paralegals are. Including the front desk receptionist. Everyone here is very generous and helpful. Very quickly to respond to emails and phone calls.

By: Theresa - about 6 years

Im happy with services. Lauren has always resondended to our questions in a timely manner.

By: Veronica - over 6 years

Thank you so much. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. I had the pleasure of receiving a very quick response from your firm. I spoke with Lauren Rode, Esq. concerning our situation with our home. She was so informative and gave me very honest and practical insite to what California State Law does and can do concerning decisions on our home dilema. I did not feel any pressure and was just relieved after our conversation. We are dealing with a servicing company named OCWEN, who of course was in the news due to very inapproriate business dealings with thousands of home owners. I was very glad I called Consumer Action Law Group. They are ready to help.

By: Siobhan - about 6 years